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Spirit, Soul, Body.

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Dream, Create, Think.

- An online spiritual magazine

Identity, destiny.

- Grow to a new level.

The Back Story


What is Sozocial

Sozocial.com is a network of related sites focused on exploring who we are in Jesus.  It’s about growth, identity, discovery -and the love of God.

“Sozocial” is a word, a concept of my own making. In general it means to bring all that God has for us together in community, and into the world around us.

The name comes from a mix of Greek (“Sozo”) and English (“Social” – well, Latin in it’s roots actually). In the Bible the word “Sozo” (Sodzo) means “saved, healed, set free, made whole, kept safe“. The dictionary.com definition of social can be “living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation”.

Sozocial – Gold (in development)

Sozocial Gold is an online resource magazine focused on middle aged and senior Christians who want to go deeper in their relationship with God, with things of the Spirit, and with the world around them. (in development)

Sozocial – Learn (in development)

Sozocial Learn is an online learning management system where learners can come and find out about things of the Spirit: Prophesy, Healing, Dreams, and the Study of the Bible. Those who teach can find a mechanism to present their curriculum and draw in students in an online learning atmosphere.

Sozocial – Press

Sozocial Press is a magazine/newspaper style website that contains topics, resources, and people that have been influential to my Spiritual walk. It is really a big resource pool to dig in and find video, audio, books, and web resources. The sections of the site cover:

  • People – those who have influence me Spiritually. Some seem intellectual, some creative, some more mystical
  • Spirit – things that have to do with the Holy Spirit.
  • Think – Is faith rational? Are there “real” reasons for believing in God, in Jesus? This is the section for Christian apologetics.
  • Dreams – this actually fits under the “Spirit” category, but it’s a big part of my life, so it gets it’s own tab.
  • Create – there is a renaissance of creativity happening in the Christian world. This is a section for the creative in all of us.
  • Resources – Where to go to find out more. Books, video, audio, download.


Above all… and infused in everything that is contained in these sites… is Love.  Jesus says love is the greatest thing, and I believe that.

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It is abnormal for a Christian not to have an appetite for the impossible. It has been written into our spiritual DNA...

- Bill Johnson

The purpose of personal prophecy... is to reconnect people with who God is and what He thinks about them.

- Bob Hazlett

Jesus was the will of God in the flesh, when he prayed they were healed.. it is still is the will of God- heal the sick.

- Robert McKinney

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My destiny is to go to heaven, my responsibility is to bring heaven.

- Bill Johnson

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