There have been a number of people who have influenced me spiritually and creatively. I don’t have all of them in the menu, so I’ve made a list here of people worth checking out. Each one has spoken into my life in different ways.

Todd White:

Todd has has a huge influence on me. In my opinion he is one of the most genuine, loving, people I’ve met, and someone who is completely given over to what he believes. I’ve that the privileged of spending some time in various settings and seeing a number of people get healed. The first time I saw a leg grow was at a mall in Texas with him. He lives what he believes. I recommend watching anything you can from him.

Dan Mohler:

Dan is the pastor of Todd White, and you can tell when they speak as there are many similarities. A genuine, humble, and honest man. Dan’s life is given to Jesus, and he goes full on after what Jesus has for us. No preachers rock me more than Dan and Todd. My life ha never been the same since meeting them.

John Paul Jackson:

John Paul is best known for his dream interpretation and prophetic giftings. I never knew him, but have been around folks that did. He was well studied and created breakthrough teachings on dreams and dream interpretation. For teachings and other resources to to Streams ministries

Ravi Zacharias:

Erwin McManus:

Patricia King: